Fred DeFalco Jr

I have known Fred DeFalco Jr. for over 9 years. Since then he has been the premier broker on all my real estate transactions. With his professional assistance, I have bought and sold 9 properties in the U.S..

Based on these deals, I can say he is very knowledgeable, reliable, and very efficient. When the subject is real estate, currently I do not make any decisions without Mr. DeFalco’s opinion. I can also say that Mr. DeFalco is a man with noble principles, not only in the professional arena where he is a “master,” bu also in his private life.

Finally, I can say that I would never hesitate to refer him to my friends or family as a top real estate broker. He is a person that always delivers and someone who makes the real estate business an enjoyable experience.

Wolney F. Buyer/ Seller

I have known Mr. Fred DeFalco Jr. for over 10 years, initially as a responsible and dedicated professional, and later as a remarkable father and husband.

As a professional, Mr. DeFalco has acted as a competent negotiator and bona fide real estate specialist, having successfully assist me in more than 15 transactions and innumerous others for friends and clients of my company, always referred to him.

As a family man, he is a role model for his kids, always attentive to their needs and development. A man of integrity, Mr. DeFalco is a religious person, active in his church.

For all the above, I highly recommend him to my friends and family.

October 10th, 2013

Aloysio Buyer/ Seller

When I was attempting to sell my condo and purchase a new home at the same time, I needed someone who had the ability to pull it all together and make it happen. Fred listed my condo, brought me a great offer and negotiated a contract with the buyer that allowed me to close (getting my cash out), but remain in the property as a renter until I was ready to move into my new home which Fred also helped me find. I think every real estate transaction needs someone who has skills necessary to represent BOTH the buyer and the seller. In each situation, Fred DeFalco Jr. demonstrated that he always had my best interest at heart and proved himself capable of getting the job done effectively. Thanks, Fred

L. Fox Seller